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A New Zealand Travel Guide

Some Interesting Websites

Wanaka New Zealand.  Graphic.

To get more information on Rotorua Download my FREE E-BOOK "A New Zealand Travel Guide.  It will give you much more detail on arrival formalities, transport, accommodation, driving in the country, as well as a detailed guide to the action and attractions in the regions.  All that and a whole lot of other useful stuff you'll need to know to get the most enjoyment from your time here.

The following is a far-from-complete collection of interesting websites with information about New Zealand.

If you have a site - either your own or one you've visited - that you think we should list here, please email me.

Naturally, I like the concept of reciprocity - you scratch my website and I'll scratch yours - but it ain't a big deal. If your site is good value, whether I get a back-link or not ought not get in the way of letting others get the benefit of a link to it. I do, however, reserve the right not to create links if the whim takes me .

For some accommodation options go to our accommodation page.

For a lot of official information and statistics, etc the New Zealand Government Online.

Tourism new Zealand's site has a lot of touristy stuff.

For an outsider's view - the CIA factbook.

Backpack New Zealand Useful guide for travel on the cheap. 

Search Engines.

NZ Webz Directory - Web Directory Service

Yahoo NZ. - New Zealand links and resources site

Good list of interesting NZ websites on The National Library of NZ site.

NZPAGES - Your New Zealand Web Site Directory

NZ Search - web directory.

Attitude's New Zealand Search Guide. Information on New Zealand Search Engines and Directories and Web Site Promotion in New Zealand.


Information on weather can be found at MetService (NZ) Ltd.

Rain radar throughout New Zealand.

Weather - nationwide forecasts.

New, Tv and Radio

Some good news sources

National Business Review

The Gisborne Herald

Wairarapa Times-Age

The Dominion Post

NZ News UK

Clear Net News

The New Zealand Herald

Christchurch Press

Otago Daily Times

For sports news have a look at Sportsweb.

There's a very good source of specialised journals, magazines and other periodicals at the National Library of New Zealand.

Want to buy or sell just about anything use TradeMe - an on line auction site.

Radio Stations:


Telephone And Business Directories

White Pages

Yellow Pages

New Zealand Companies Office lists every company registered in New Zealand.

  • Other useful Links

    New Zealand Museums OnLine

    Department of Conservation - the Government Department which promotes "biodiversity conservation, historic conservation, the conservation experience, conservation partnerships and quality conservation management. - The definitive map of New Zealand Web space.

    Travelling with kids - always a challenge. This might help.

    New Zealand Escape - New Zealand Travel and Accommodation guide
    Distance Calculater
    Climate & Culture
    New Zealand Books, Maps, Travel Health, Tips, and Travel Accessories
    Te Ara Encyclopedia of New Zealand

    Other Links

    There are also a lot of links to other travel related sites.  You can see them here.

  • Download my FREE e-book "A New Zealand Travel Guide

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