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This guide is the big picture, the overall view, but if you want detailed information on what to see, where to go, where to eat, where to stay go to my (Not quite) Complete Guide to New Zealand Travel

Where to stay, where to eat, what to see.  Yes, all that.  But much more. It is aimed primarily at self-drive travellers and they need to know much more.

The problem is how to deliver this information in a logical way - and I have decided to serve it up as the road rolls under you.  That is, the information is given kilometre by kilometre for each of the state highways. 

It is a work in progress. And so far it has been seven years in the making.  It is far from complete, but if you are touring NZ you may find it useful.

Click here to visit the (Not quite) Complete Guide To New Zealand Travel.

A New Zealand Travel Guide

Travel Resources

This is a collection websites of varying interest - but all of them are travel-related in some way. 

If you have a site - either your own or one you've visited - that you think we should list here, please email me.

Naturally, I like the concept of reciprocity - you scratch my website and I'll scratch yours - but it ain't a big deal. If your site is good value, whether I get a back-link or not ought not get in the way of letting others get the benefit of a link to it. I do, however, reserve the right not to create links if the whim takes me.

An odd, but very useful, collection of sites about New Zealand

New Zealand Accommodation

General New Zealand Travel Sites 

International Travel  Information Sites

International accommodation sites

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Get inside tips on New Zealand rental cars

If you want to rent a car in New Zealand you could spend a long time trawling the net looking at options and finish up totally confused.

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Here's the problem: New Zealand car rental is unlike most other places in the world because the country is split into two islands with a sizeable stretch of water between. 

Taking a car across Cook Strait is expensive. Some rental companies allow you to drop a vehicle in Wellington and collect another in Picton (or vice versa). Some don't. 

Along with a host of other complications it means if you are trying to sort out car rental in New Zealand you may need a cup of tea and a lie down long before you've figured it all out.

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Arrival  Formalities



A Regional Guide



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