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A New Zealand Travel Guide

New Zealand Accommodation Choices

"Everything from a camper's paradise to luxury lodges"

To get more information on accommodation options - and how to save money on them -  Download my FREE E-BOOK "A New Zealand Travel Guide.  It will give you much more detail on arrival formalities, transport, accommodation, driving in the country, as well as a detailed guide to the action and attractions in the regions.  All that and a whole lot of other useful stuff you'll need to know.
No matter where you decide to lay your head at the end of another long hard day enjoying yourself in New Zealand, you can take your pick from a range of accommodation options.
Everything from $7 a night campgrounds to posh gaffs like the $5000 a night mansion that Rolling Stone Keith Richards  stayed in while recovering from a head injury received when monkeying around up Pacific island palm trees. 
Let's start at the bottom and work our way up to the lap of luxury.


The NZ countryside is a camper's paradise. There are lots of places you can simply pitch camp and just enjoy the incredible wild loneliness of the back blocks. Freedom camping is, however, now restricted in many area because of the disgusting behaviour of some overseas pigs.  You can't shit near the water that other people drink and have them feel happy about it.

Campgrounds are widely spread, available in every town and hamlet. The range of facilities varies from just the basics to all the bells and whistles - kitchens, flush loos, hot showers, electric power sites. Luxury!!

Cabins and tourist flats.

But campgrounds have more than just green-grassed sites ready for the tap of the peg mallet. Many have a range of hard-top accommodation - from simple cabins to full-scale motel apartments. I'm a particular fan - and customer - of the cabins and their slightly more upmarket relative, the tourist flat.

Youth and backpackers hostels

Hostels are well spread throughout the country. They range from small four-bed ops to huge factory-like mass packers.

Homestays and Farmstays

Overseas they're called bed n' breakfasts. The idea's the same - though here a bed n' breakfast hotel is slightly different . . . see the next section. It's a great way to get to meet the native Kiwi in its nest. While they are paid for the service, in most cases your hosts are more motivated by the experience of meeting different people from different parts of the world. Great friendships have blossomed in this way.

Bed n' Breakfast Hotels

A bed and breakfast hotel is like an overgrown homestay. They are usually large family residences that have been converted into multi-roomed mini-hotels. Some of them are absolutely exquisite (with prices to match) but most are simpler and represent very good value for uncomplicated accom. You'll get some options from the NZ Federation of Bed and Breakfast Hotels website.  For the more upmarket option go to the Heritage and Character Inns of NZ website. 


The motel is New Zealand's contribution to world tourist technology. It's such a simple, such a practical solution to a traveller's needs. They are self-contained apartments with their own kitchen, bathroom/toilet and sleeping area. In the simplest form - usually called a studio - there is little more than a bedroom, rudimentary kitchen and a separate bathroom/toilet. This option differs little from a typical hotel room.

But the next step up the size continuum would have a separate, fully-functional kitchen. Then add separate bedrooms and separate living areas and you finally arrive at the fully operational apartment layout.  In its latest manifestation they are luxurious vacation apartments with everything you need for a very cruisey holiday.


Take your choice of everything from a simple country pub to a full-on international five star hotel. A number of the major international hotel chains are established here.

Luxury Lodges

If you really want to lie back in the lap of luxury there are a number of lodges where your every whim and whimper will be pandered to.

Download my FREE e-book "A New Zealand Travel Guide

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