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Rotorua New ZealandA New Zealand Travel Guide

"a world famous resort and an insight into Maori culture"

Rotorua New Zealand

To get more information on Rotorua, New Zealand, Download my FREE E-BOOK "A New Zealand Travel Guide.  It will give you much more detail on arrival formalities, transport, accommodation, driving in the country, as well as a detailed guide to the action and attractions in the regions.  All that and a whole lot of other useful stuff you'll need to know to get the most enjoyment from your time here.

Rotorua is one of NZ's most popular and longest established tourist areas. Allow at least one full day in the city and surrounding areas, but to take in the best of all the things offering would be at least two full days.

Must See Sights

Te Puia at Whakarewarewa. This is a bastion of Maori traditions and skills. It is the pre-eminent Maori cultural expo in the country.  There are three parts to the totality:  the Arts and Crafts Insitute, the thermal valley, and a cultural performance.

The Agrodome is a live sheep show which will give you an insight into this vital NZ industry.

At Rainbow Springs huge trout loll lazily in a stream watching the tourists go by. You'll also get to see the native Kiwi, a national icon. And a tuatara the last of the living dinosaurs. You can also take The Big Splash, is a 9 min. journey through time exploring the ecological evolution of New Zealand.

A Maori hangi (feast) and concert. Several of the hotels in the city have a concert and feast  

Should Sees

If you have the extra day go to the
Blue and Green Lakes and the Buried Village. Take a drive along Hongi's Track. Soak away your travel-weary aches at a therma-waterl-fed spa. Take a cruise on the lake.

Take the gondola which lifts you 900m up Mt Ngongotaha for a panoramic view of the region. If you want to come down the adrenalin way, ride the luge a gravity slide ride on a specially designed cart (luge). Guaranteed fun for kids of all ages.

Whakarewarewa is OK as far as it goes, but some of the many other thermal areas in the region present different forms of thermal activity and it's worth taking the time to see something different. Which to choose? Any. They are all different.

Adventure Activities

Go paddle your own canoe on the Kaituna River, or horse riding: over farm land and through native bush.


If Rotorua is famous for something other than boiling mud pools, it's trout fishing - and for good reason. It vies with Taupo for the title of NZ's premier trout fishing lake.

Download my FREE e-book "A New Zealand Travel Guide

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