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A New Zealand Travel Guide

Bay of Plenty

"Tickle The Soil With A Hoe And It Will Laugh A Harvest"

Bay of Plenty new Zealand

To get more information on Bay of Plenty  Download my FREE E-BOOK "A New Zealand Travel Guide.  It will give you much more detail on arrival formalities, transport, accommodation, driving in the country, as well as a detailed guide to the action and attractions in the regions.  All that and a whole lot of other useful stuff you'll need to know to get the most enjoyment from your time here.

This is one of the garden regions of New Zealand, known especially for its orchards and kiwifruit in particular. That's why George Vesey Stewart, a pioneer entrepreneur seeking to encourage prospective settlers, told them "tickle the soil with a hoe and it will laugh a harvest".

It's value as a habitat was recognised early by the original Maori arrivals who valued its fertile soil; and easy access to "kai moana", seafood.

f you're doing a loop from Auckland to Rotorua and back, this makes an interesting, if slightly longer, return route.


Tauranga is a thriving city at the heart of the kiwifruit orchard country.

One of the country's oldest homes, "The Elms", was built between 1838-47 as a mission station.  There's also the Monmouth Redoubt, a historic fortification,  as well as otherr historic buildings friom the early colonial settlement days.

Two well-regarded wineries, Mills Reef and Morton Estate, are located on the outskirts of the city.

Adventure Activities

As a seaside city Tauranga and it's snuggled-up neighbour, Mt Maunganui, have a range of water activities - dolphon watchning, fishing charters, diving, kite surfing, sailing and - given the internationally recognised break at "The Mount" - surfing.   Off the ground there's flight-seeing, skydiving and gliding.

Mount Maunganui.

Apart from the sun/sand/surf cocktail, the Mount boasts the only natural hot salt-water baths in the Southern Hemisphere. A little pocket of thermal activity heats salt water to 103 deg F, and bubbles it into pools, either public or private.

Great views can be had at the cost of some healthy exercise by walking to the top of the Mount itself. You'll get a great view of the gentle southward curve of Papamoa Beach and beyond.


The 90km drive from Rotorua to Whakatane is one of the most scenically rewarding trips in the central North Island. It skirts Lakes Rotorua, Rotoiti, Rotoehu and Rotoma before climbing the Rotoma Hills

Whakatane is one of the front runners every year for the most sunshine hours.

There can't be many towns with a waterfall in the middle of the commercial area . . . but in Mataatua St is the beautiful Wairere Waterfall.

Other attractions is the area include  jet boating and white water rafting.

White Island  New Zealand’s only active marine volcano, White Island, 35km off the coast, is a once in a lifetime chance to walk on an active marine volcano. It is estimated to be between 100,000 and 200,000 years old and is a hissing, steaming and roaring ecological wonder. The surface of the island is similar to a scene out of a ‘Star Wars’ movie with craters, sheer cliff faces and cracks and tunnels in the surface with steam hissing out of them like a kettle at boiling point. boat, helicopter and plane tours available.


From Whangamata to Whakatane is surfing coast. The beach breaks at Whangamata, Mt Maunganui and Whakatane are regarded as among the best in the country.

Download my FREE e-book "A New Zealand Travel Guide

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